Our Story



Picture it. New Hope, 1985. Ray and David as bartenders at The Raven and The New Prelude.

In 1991, we started our own business together with two liquor stores in southern New Jersey.

By 1998, and being homesick, we returned to New Hope. First as restaurant managers in Peddler's Village, and then in 2002, owning a small shopping center and operating a deli in Lahaska.

2006 marked the year Bowman's Tavern was opened, and having a successful 7 year run. 

Fort Lauderdale was to be our next stop. However, not being able to find the right business for us,

and hearing of the sale of a property in Logan Square in New Hope, we decided to stay.

And here we are, back to SQUARE ONE... 


Quality home comfort style food served in a clean, friendly and fun atmosphere. No fads, no gimmicks,

and certainly no pretension. Working as a team with a great group of people, for a great group of people,

....you, our loyal friends and guests.



Our Mission Statement